[Preview] Xperia Mini Port X8

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Is the end for the Xperia MiniX 03
but we bring you another back with more customization from Xperia 2011 Line
More features to bring into new Xperia such as Facebook inside,xLOUD,BRAVIA Engine and Etc

  • Undervolt
  • Dual touch (Fake)
  • Overclock
  • SmartaSS
  • Flip4silence
  • Add Photowidget
  • Add Sms emoticon
  • Add Live wire (im forget to add it :) )
  • Add LG ime
  • Wider internal storage 
  • tweak on superuser
  • Some speed adjustment
  • note: Infinite view still fc 
  •  Eclair Keyboard
  • (to use it just hold it choose input method, click default input)
  •  Redesign Dialer
  • Add timescape Add Basic Facebook inside xperia functionality (share apps and calendar)

 Howto use it?
 Just click games & apps icon and login, you may see error prompt but its ok its mean you have logged in :)

Some Preview Below Thx FD =D


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