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Monday, 3 October 2011

You might think i will talk about that crappy X8 with awesome Mod?
Well i was searching around the net about the cheapest android for my friend who has budget 
kinda LOW!!! rm4xx below?
Well honestly it kinda hard because cheapest is X10 mini is around rm430+
Going through CSL and those cheap sort of company..hmm seem non of them meet
the price budget?
RM399 for a Thailand ugly holly phone?NO!That gross!!
Gave up....Haih but then i remember there is a company called HUAWEI with their IDEOS
The amazing Ideos X3,X5 and X6 i test a month ago was awesome
Well i present you the Huawei Ideos U5180 
  • Quad Band 
  • 2.8 TFT CAPACITIVE SCREEN(Mean great scrolling)
  • Wifi B/G/N(Nice touch)
  • 256Mb Ram and 512Mb Rom(Nice set up for this budget)
  • 3.2Megapixel(Standard hmmm ?)
  • Android 2.2 Froyo
  • 528Mhz Arm11 MSSM7225(Outdated no worry)
  • Adreno 200 Gpu
  • Bluetooth,A-GPS AND Other's
Yes Yes i know X8 and S5570 has faster processor,bigger screen but for the price of this
You can't ask for more
Pros: Simple design with 3g supported and nice amount of ram with lot of basic android connectivity and
come with Android 2.2 Froyo and with the price  rm4xx (crossed finger)

Cons: Smaller screen size then competitor,Standard android 2.2 lack of feature and outdated processor which kinda slow as i experienced using it on the old Htc Hero and Camera Recording low quality


Well We like the Pros but we need to reduce the Cons!Do we have a way?
Just consult with my friend and FXP Guy from XDA
He told me that this could be solve with unlocking it kernel and rooting with flashing custom rom!
  1. Overclocking the MSSM7225 up to 748mhz a whopping performance from 528mhz
  2. Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread from Cyanogen with tweak for better performance and features
  3. Enable support for better game play and better native apps2sd
  4. Smartass governor
  5. EXT3/4 Faster sd card excess speed
  6. SWAP Support
  7. Dual Touch 
  8. Battery life optimising
  9. Ram scripting as X8 has too :D
  10. and much much more
A short review thx to IMCC Buddies for the short notes and preview of the device
Conclusion : Still it cannot win any award in benchmark and it still can't win it rival such as Xperia X8 and the Galaxy Mini but what it is a simple,cheap and An Android Device on a low budget!


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