Cheap and Cheerful

Friday, 26 August 2011

So tell me what is cheap and cheerful
Seem to be almost not everything
To i wanted to talk badly about the XPERIA X8

i am a smartphone user
i own Desire HD and Incredible S (they are awesome gud job htc)
infact the person who meet the charger cable everyday
Mainly is isn't that the main problem
  • LAG
Due to it is the most cheapest Android phone on the market now
A lot of Peeps own this phone nowdays!
When i bought is around 6xx and now it is just around rm5xx
The thing you shall get is
Android 2.1 as stock
A stock 600mhz mssm7227 processor
128 MB storage, 168 MB RAM internal
3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels Camera Record @30fps
Wifi,bluetooh and others standard connectivity
What it is wrong with it is?
Stock 2.1 Eclair is too slow and apps uncompability
APPS2SD Doesn't support so small 128mb of phone storage are limited
Limited amount of ram(tested few of my friend phone free ram around 30~45mb)
Camera has no extra focus and camera quality not quite nice
Internal APPS and Games even angry bird are laggy(Wtf)
I had been trying rooting it and installed custom rom for it
Tried froyobread,gingerdx and minicm too
but is all seem not that promising to the performance & battery life
Recently i got pissed off with the low battery life and laggy during sms
I found there is a rom called Kuyadroid which seem faster
Installed and customise it
  •  It came with pre-installed MDDI, overclock, undervolt, gesture
  • Multitouch and smartass governor
    • Dumped away those unnecessarily apps such as google+,talk,email and others for ligh weight purpose and prevent lag or sluggish
    • Enable undervolt to save battery life and Overclock for more performance
    • Installed Chainfire3d Pro for more UMM from gpu
    • Don't install any task manager or task killer due to build in systempanel is awesome

I personally tested it and it work out now with my x8 with this customisation
hassel free and no more lag or slow in performance
 Download here
Make sure ur x8 is rooted
Basicly i am quite impressed with the new performance it manage to give up
Unlock the possible?
(shall replaced it soon)bye
Personal Update later abit lar :P


 Stock 600mhz
(X8 2.1 ECLAIR ORI SEUS Just manage 4xx score only)
                                                      Overclocked 748mhz
                                                            X8 CPU INFO
                                               CHAINFIRE3D PRO PLUGIN


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