[ROM][DROID DNA] Hatka DNA 2.0.0 [1/2/13] Battery life | AC!D Audio | Bravia |Sense 4+[Less UKB]

Thursday, 3 January 2013

I want to apologize, that i used to much of UKB in my previous builds (Lower Than Hatka DNA 2.0.0) . In this Build ( Hatka DNA 2.0.0 +) Only Minimal Mods are being used from UKB. It shows below which mods are coming from UKB. This new build is truly f Based On Verizon DNA 1.15.605.4 Rooted/Deodexed/Semi-Debloated/Busybox (By. MyComputerDoctor) Thanks Hope You Enjoy

***NOTE*** to get Photosphere working i had to change the build prop of the phone, so it says the phone is running 4.2(really running 4.1.1) and the phone is a galaxy nexus.(Really a Droid DNA lol)

♦ Based On Verizon DNA 1.15.605.4 Rooted/Deodexed/Semi-Debloated/Busybox (Thanks MyComputerDoctor)

♦ Removed Permanent WIFI Status Bar Pop-up 

♦ Added 4 in 1 Reboot Options

♦ Added HTC Flashlight (Thanks dsb9938)

♦ Added Superuser App

♦ Removed NFC Status Bar Notification Icon

♦ Added Busybox

♦ Zipaligned all APK's

♦ Removed all HTC Bloat

♦ Fixed SD-Card Permission Errors

♦ Fixed Camcorder Force Closing Issue

♦ Android 4.1.1 / Sense 4+

♦ enabled custom recent apps actions in "display, gestures, buttons" (From UKB)

♦ removed ics/jb 3 dot legacy menu, and changed dimensions so its not blank space in apps ( From UKB)

♦ Removed Boot Sound

♦ Added Several Build Prop Tweaks For Better Battery Life And Speed

♦ Added Several Init.D Tweaks For Battery Life And Speed

♦ Ac!d Audio Engine

♦ Bravia Engine

♦ %Battery Bar (From UKB)

♦ Semi Transparent Status Bar (From UKB)

♦ Added lyapota's camera mod (Thanks lyapota)

♦ 4.2 camera, clock, keyboard

♦ Blocked Ads 

♦ Working Photosphere

♦ Landscape Rosie

♦ Better 4g/3g

♦ Smoothness tweaks

♦ Speed Tweaks

♦ Might have forgot some minor tweaks and mods



♦ Download Boot.img To Computer

♦ Download the Rom On your Phone

♦ Go on your computer

♦ Go to command prompt or terminal

♦ Type

♦ "Adb Reboot Bootloader"

♦ Once your in BootLoader Type in this Command

♦ "Fastboot Flash Boot (Where You Put Your Boot.img)

♦ Now Go into Revocery ( I have only tested this in CWM, so if someone will test this in TWRP that would be helpful)

♦Full Wipe

♦ Flash The Rom

Whole UKB Team ♦ Because i took mods from UKB
 nitsuj17 ♦ Made UKB
 jcase ♦ for unlocking the DNA
 lyapota ♦ for original camera fix, long-press back to kill app
 ibotpeaches ♦ for ics + apktool
 brut.all ♦ for original apktool
 shnizlon ♦ for wipe script that doesnt touch internal storage, pointers on alt apm
 dsb9938 ♦ for resizing the rezound flashlight app
 x3demond3x ♦for framework fix for deodexed camera fc
 m0narx ♦ for custom gps configs in aroma
 jotha ♦ for one x jb apm mod that I adapted for the dna
 turge ♦ for his help with rosie on screen menu and everything else
 rwc95 ♦ for original rezound persistent notification wifi notification removal
 one_love_420 ♦ for parts of his evo lte apm that I adapted (1.2.0+_
 zarboz ♦ for original mod for wake on volume deep sleep
 andybones ♦ for bringing the mod to the inc4g
 O.M.J. ♦ for evo lte modpack which I looked over and used a script from
 qd2dc ♦ for his help and someone to bounce ideas off of
 chainsdd ♦ for superuser
 MyFishBear ♦ Tooks some of Mods from his ROM
 MyComputerDoctor ♦ for letting me base my Rom of his
 Sony ♦ Bravia
 Knight47 and the AC!D Audio Team ♦ AC!D Audio
 b16 ♦ (for the System Dump)
 x3deamon3x ♦ (Disable WIFI Nag)
 Chingy051 & Newtoroot ♦ Took a mod from CODIS
 dr_drache ♦ Fixing Ac!d Audio bugs
 anyone else I may have forgotten 

Hatka DNA 2.0.0 
Click Here To Download 

Click Here To Download 


please tell me what to add and what to remove, i am very flexable and will try to fit your needs for the most part .. 

Note i am not responsible for anything that happens to your device, but if anything goes wrong i will try to assist you.

If you like the ROM it would mean alot if you hit the thanks button 

♦ Get Cubed Kernel! [Dsb's Kernel is amazing and will improve your battery by at least 10%]
♦ If you turn off standalone GPS service u get way better battery life. You can use the Power Widget and do it.
♦ There are some further tips on CODIS ROM's Thread 


1.0.0 - First Build
1.1.0 ♦ Fixed bugs
1.2.0 ♦ Fixed Boot Problems
1.3.0 ♦ Fixed Root Issues, Audio bugs, added 4.2 apps ( stock browser, camera, gallery, keyboard)
1.3.2 ♦ Re added HTC Apps, Added Landscape Rosie support, Added Speedscript(thanksMyfishbear), Added Working Photosphere.
1.3.2 ♦ Bug Fixes
2.0.0 ♦ Less UKB is being used, + Added Quick Launch Widget


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