[ROM][Nexus7][Nov.3][4.1.2] SmoothROM v4.1-Smoothest ROM, Deodex/Zipalign, Tablet UI Support

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Huge thanks for donations

  • jdancocks (x2)
  • SquireSCA
  • John_Q
  • Darkuni
  • Flunami
  • trbloomer
  • Badgerkiller
  • Dearyme
  • lmulli
  • diaknia
  • cocos2000
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  • Cheezywizard
  • Unknown Username :11

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SmoothROM is the fastest and smoothest existing ROM.
SmoothROM is based on latest 4.1.2 JZO54K
SmoothROM is designed the way you want it.
SmoothROM is using Aroma Installer
SmoothROM let you chose the kernel you want before installing. [Stock, Bricked, Trinity, franco, Clemsyn Elite Battery Saver]
SmoothROM let you chose to install a REAL Tablet UI. (It has nothing to do with DPI hacks, it is much better)(Thanks to Barmullio for some hints  )
SmoothROM is targeted for user that wants a CLEAN ROM experience including few Google Apps.

  • Based on latest 4.1.2 JZO54K
  • Aroma Installer : Let you chose what you want
  • All CyanogenMod 10 Features !
  • Optional Tablet UI Mod (in Beta 3)
  • OTA Updates using GooManager
  • Ads blocker built in
  • Busybox
  • init.d support
  • 720P Camera
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Power Menu : Reboot Bootloader/Recovery + Screenshot + Profile
  • Performance Menu
  • Performances Improvements
  • Smooth Experience
  • Really Stable
  • Much much much more

November 3, 2012 - Version 4.1
  • Many bug fixes
  • Picasa Sync
  • Updated Kernels
  • Updated to Gmail 4.2
  • Updated Browser
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Updated ads blocker
  • Smoother
Base Changes (CM10) :
  • SystemUI: fix battery percentage on tablet
  • LockScreen: allow long-press actions from hardware keys (2/2)
  • LockScreen: allow long-press actions from hardware keys (1/2)
  • Settings: Use a better descriptor for the sound power menu item
  • QCom headers for optimized v8
  • cm: Build CMFileManager
  • Add CMFileManager
  • add d2mtr to build target
  • add support for metropcs LTE
  • scripts/Kbuild.include: Fix portability problem of "echo -e"
  • Revert "Set as-instr to use printf intsead of echo"
  • Add p990 to build targets
  • Merge "Navbar : Rework logic for determining orientation" into jellybean
  • Settings: Fix capitalization
  • Add overlay to enable expanded desktop feature
  • Expanded desktop capability (2/2)
  • Allow to hide Expanded Desktop (1/2)
  • Merge "Restore correct volumes when headset is plugged" into jellybean
  • frameworks/base: Fix for UI freeze issue with headset insert/removal
  • PhoneWindowManager: Release wakelock after headset detection.
  • frameworks/base: Fix for headset switch detect
  • EventHub: Modify the keyboard layout file name for headset button
  • frameworks/base: Add support for wired headset detection
  • Camera : PowerShutter fixes
  • fix for NullPointerException
  • Merge "LocationManagerService: The "value" was used as a Map.remove(key) method parameter." into jellybean
  • Merge "CircleBattery: Revamped charging animation" into jellybean
  • exynos3: omx: moar love for p1
  • Changed the way that date format selector is shown (revision)
  • Merge "SQLiteSession: Use hasNestedException() method instead of direct check" into jellybean
  • Merge "Copy-Paste bug in IconUtilities" into jellybean
  • Merge "Possible NPE in RuimRecords" into jellybean
  • Merge "Possible NPE in ChooseAccountTypeActivity" into jellybean
  • Merge "Possible NPE in ActivityManagerService" into jellybean
  • SQLiteSession: Use hasNestedException() method instead of direct check
  • Copy-Paste bug in IconUtilities
  • Possible NPE in RuimRecords
  • Possible NPE in AllInOneActivity
  • Possible NPE in ActivityManagerService
  • Possible NPE in ChooseAccountTypeActivity
  • cm vendor: add tf700t to jenkins-build-targets
  • frameworks: add dock battery drawables for HDPI devices
  • init: Allow device-specific appends to the property service permission structs
  • Merge "Add SET_ALARM permission for SystemUI" into jellybean
  • Merge "Mms: Add new feature 'Add SMS to Calendar remind'." into jellybean
  • Enable "sync -c" default for repo
  • Mms: Fix not on the screen in some cases.
  • Mms: Add new feature 'Add SMS to Calendar remind'.
  • audioflinger: Properly initialize bytesToWrite for LPA effects
  • audio: Fix mismerges
  • Revert "dd: support skip and seek values greater than 2G on android"
  • Revert "libstagefright: Fix for clips getting skipped during playback"
  • fix a misspelling / typo.
  • libstagefright: reset flag to allow buffering
  • libstagefright: avoid audio source to start before audio player after seek
  • Changed the way that date format selector is shown
  • Merge "Calculator: New Features Part 2" into jellybean
  • LatinIME: Apply "Enable more keys for top row on tablets" (f6620308ba)
  • Bring back productivity for QWERTZ keyboards
  • apns-conf-cdma: Remove Sprint CDMA MMS apn, conflicts with LTE/eHRPD service
  • Calculator: New Features Part 2
  • Merge changes I292a2905,I99851de0 into jellybean
  • NullPointerException in UsbStorageActivity and SQLiteSession
  • NullPointerException in HeaderIterator
  • Call to equals() comparing different types
  • Merge "Call to equals() comparing different types" into jellybean
  • Merge "Bugfix: Dock events can have state greater than 1" into jellybean
  • 32 bit int shifted by 36 bits at BluetoothMasObexServer.getUint32BigEndian
  • Call to equals() comparing different types
  • Call to equals() comparing different types
  • Merge "PowerWidgetUtil: Remove flashlight as a default button" into jellybean
  • Allow airplane and silent power toggle (1/2)
  • Allow airplane and silent power toggle (2/2)
  • Merge "App manager: Enable fast thumb scrolling" into jellybean
  • built-targets: resort alphabetically
  • Fix page_hover_left_holo.9.png on all dpi
  • libion: Disable for omap3
  • DO NOT MERGE Fix bug #7297028 Settings app crash when swiping between Downloaded / Running / All for Apps
  • roomservice: Handle missing netrc file
  • roomservice: Add support for netrc
  • SECURITY remove lock pattern from being logged
  • Merge "SettingsProvider: Revert default WiFi sleep policy to "never"" into jellybean
  • Merge "Inconsistent "Security" label size when adding a WiFi network" into jellybean
  • Merge "framework: Add home button unlock option (1/2)" into jellybean
October 21, 2012 - Version 4.0
  • Based on CyanogenMod 10 Sources
  • Inherits all CyanogenMod 10 features
  • Many performance improvements
    - Performance Menu, Customization, Theme, and more...
  • Aroma : Stock, Chrome, Boat, Dolphin Browser
  • Aroma : Removed outdated faux123 and motley kernel
  • Aroma : Added Clemsyn Elite Battery Saver kernel
  • Stock Launcher for Normal UI
  • Nova Launcher for Tablet UI
  • Updated Nova Launcher to latest
  • Updated Stock Launcher to latest
  • Updated Google apps
  • Updated kernels
  • Smoother
  • Bug Fixes
October 13, 2012 - Version 3.4
  • Bug Fixes
  • Updated Nova Launcher + Fixed it
October 13, 2012 - Version 3.3
  • Fixed install issues
  • Fixed Read/Write issue on sdcard
  • Fixed stuck on boot logo
  • Fixed permissions issue
  • Fixed Bricked kernel install issue
October 12, 2012 - Version 3.2
  • Updated to latest AOSP 4.1.2 JZO54K
  • Updated fixed Bricked Kernel v0.55
  • Updated Trinity Kernel
  • Updated Franco Kernel to r22
  • Updated + Fixed Nova Launcher
  • Nova Launcher is now based on Stock 4.1.2 Launcher
  • Fixed Nova Launcher Settings
  • Changed default web browser to 'Dolphin Beta'
  • Default Web Browser can now be uninstalled
  • Thanking donator in AROMA
  • Updated some google apps
  • Huge leaks fixed
  • All apps should be working now (Hulu Plus, Book apps, Kindle..)
  • Bugs Fix
  • Smoother
October 5, 2012 - Version 3.1
  • Tablet UI in Beta 3!
  • Fixed Nova Launcher widgets preview size
  • Ads Blocker now optional
  • Optional Percent Battery
  • Updated kernels
  • New Kernel : Bricked v0.4 : Really Smooth
  • Optional Beats Audio + DSP Manager
  • Updated to AROMA Installer 2.56! Touch responsiveness is perfect 
  • Bugs Fix
  • Smoother
September 29, 2012 - Version 3.0
  • Based on JRO03R !
  • Using up to date driver JRO03R
  • Screen & Hardware responsiveness improved!
  • Faster Boot time !
  • Updated all kernel !
  • Ability to Reboot into Recovery/Bootloader !
  • Changed Recommanded Kernel to Stock or Franco
  • Changed to Nova Launcher (Much Better)
  • Better Launcher Grid !
  • Rotation for Normal UI !
  • Changed the default browser to Boat. (Much smoother and faster)
  • Fully Adobe Flash Player Support with Boat Browser ! (You got to find Flash APK, it is not integrated)
  • Changed SuperUser to SuperSU, Much Faster
  • Busybox Binaries updated
  • New Wallpaper App !
  • 720P Camera Recording !
  • Google Apps are now optionnal in Aroma Installer !
  • New Boot Animation 
  • Wifi not required anymore for Setup !
  • Much Smoother
  • Bugs Fixes
September 22, 2012 - Version 2.2
  • OTA Updates support !
  • GooManager app added !
  • Busybox Supports
  • Ads Blocking
  • Fixed spelling of Motley Kernel
  • SmoothROM wallpaper added
  • Bug Fixes
September 22, 2012 - Version 2.1
  • Now hosted on Goo! Expect OTA Update soon !
  • Some permissions issues fixed
  • Tablet UI Now in Beta 2 !
  • Bug fixes
September 21, 2012 - Version 2.0
  • Released to public !


If CWM ask you to 'Disable Recovery Flash' after install, select no ! It will remove the files needed for the init.d support.

Please do not restore a 'system' data backup as it would overwritte some important files

Easy Way
  • Use JROMFlasher (Click here) to wipe your data, flash custom recovery, upload my ROM

Hard Way
  • Require Custom Recovery
  • Copy the ROM to the root of your SDCard (/sdcard).
    - You can copy/paste it from Windows Explorer.
    - You can download the ROM from your device. It will be generally located in /sdcard/downloads
    - You can use ADB : 'adb push ROM.zip /sdcard/' for Windows and Mac/Linux : './adb push ROM.zip /sdcard/'
  • Boot into Recovery
  • Wipe all cache and userdata
  • Flash the ROM from custom Recovery

If you like my work, please consider making a donation to encourage me keeping updating my work and for future developement. Please hit thanks and rate this topic 5 Starts  


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