[ROM][N7000]Sweet ROM V2.5 LSA 4.1.2 Jelly Bean [NOW ONLINE]

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Introducing Sweet ROM, a little side project of mine. I have cooked a few ROMS for myself though the Sweet ROM series is my first on XDA. I liked it and just wanted to share. I don't profess to know everything about cooking and modding but am enjoying myself learning. 


Sweet ROM V2.5 LSA Jelly Bean 4.1.2


  • LSA 4.1.2 Firmware (thanks Bangsti for base)
  • LSA Philz 3.71 Kernel (thanks Phil3749)
  • deodexed & zipaligned
  • SuperSU & Busybox
  • 4.2 Camera & Gallery (with working panorama)
  • 4.2 Gmail (pinch to zoom)
  • Add Transparent add all apps multi window mod (by me)
  • Flashplayer
  • Call record (thanks bangsti & Team Union)
  • 4 way extended power menu
  • Battery Percentage
  • Awesome Beats (thanks __Awesome__)
  • Pop up Browser call up app added and resized (thanks vijai2011 & kam333)
  • SGN2 Wallpapers
  • SGN2 Ring tones etc
  • Lockscreen Shortcuts & Newsfeed(thanks Reversin)
  • Smart Rotation & Smart Stay (thanks Reversin)
  • Added Swype & JellyBean Keyboard Asop
  • Included Add Free, Nova Launcher, SD Booster, CPU Spy
  • Some apps moved to data/apps for more room
  • more I can't remember


Sweet ROM V1 Jelly Bean 4.1.2


  • LS7 Firmware base (thanks to reqdi)
  • Philz 3.1 LS7 Kernel (thanks to Phil3759)
  • LS3 Modem
  • Deodexed & Zipaligned
  • Full Root
  • SuperSU & BusyBox
  • Transparent add all apps Multi-Window Mod (by me)
  • 4 way reboot menu
  • Sweet ROM Theme
  • Airview in Gallery, Browser, SPlanner, Video etc all working 
    (thanks to Robbie Hood & Goldieking for fixes)
  • Popup Browser resized (thanks to kam333)
  • Popup Browser call up app added (thanks to vijai2011)
  • Call Record
  • SMS to MMS auto convert disabled
  • moved some apps to data/app for more room
  • More added but can't remember


  • Sweet theme Battery Percentage Mod
  • 14 Toggles (thanks to majdinj)


ROM - Here

  • Boot cwm recovery
  • Flash Philz 3.1 Kernel - available here
  • Reboot Recovery
  • Wipe Data/Cache/Dalvik
  • Mounts Storage and Format System /Format PreLoad
  • Flash Sweet ROM V1 JB
  • ROM will auto boot and does take some time


Sweet ROM Theme Battery Percentage & 14 Toggles - Here

Blue Theme and 14 Toggles - Here

Custom Settings & Lockscreen Shortcuts Mod - Here (thanks to Robbie Hood for his how to) 
Advise to backup SecSettings.apk before you try this mod

Flash in cwm recovery (no wipes needed)


  • First open of camera seems to force close but then fine after that.
  • Gallery takes some time to build cache but next time is fine. I think this is Samsung issue
  • You may need to open SuperSU and update binaries to gain full root
  • Picassa Gallery has issues. (Known problem with leak) Get fix here
  • This is build is for standard dpi. You are welcome to try 240, 214 etc but I don't support these mods. Meaning I have no time to work on any fixes if you try to change dpi so please don't ask.

Thanks to those who have helped either directly or indirectly; chainfire, criskelo, kalangas, eybee1970, goddamnit, bangsti, dsixda, kennyboyismr47 & any one I have forgotten (sorry)


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