[ROM]maXimus+ 3.0.0 | Android 4.1.1 | Sense 4+ | Fast&Stable | 1.16.401.6

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Based on latest RUUs 
Aroma Installer
Init.d capabilities
Unsecured boot.img
RAM optimizations
Added busybox
All apps updated
Tweaked for best performance
Fast and Smooth UI
Deleted bloatware
Deleted freedback apps
Ability to choose any language you want
General clean up
Added Solid Explorer, AdAway, Tegra Zone
A lot of other changes


Make sure you flashed new boot.img first from fastboot kit 3.x!
S-on devices can't flash boot.img via recovery, so you have to flash it manually.

You don't need to pm me and ask permission for using this ROM,everyone can use it or parts as base any time you want (credits and link to original thread is obligatory). Your release must be postponed for 3 days after initial release of this ROM. Ignoring this rule will lead to moderator actions!
maXimus+ 3.0.0

New Base 1.16.401.5
New Kernel
New Radio 3.1204.168.32
UI Speed Improvements
Custom OTA Updates
Disabled freedbacks
Updated OEM Apps
Updated Apps
Fixed Download App
AdAway updated to latest 2.0
Adobe Reader updated to latest 10.4.2
Solid Explorer updated to latest 1.3.9a
TuneIn updated to latest 6.7
lot of other changes

Thanks list:
mdj - for all knowledge I have
lesscro - for awesome 1st post graphics
rikardo1979 - for FAQ questions
Team Venom - for awesome support
amarullz - for AROMA Installer


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