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Sunday, 9 December 2012


MS Team is an experienced cooking team who cooked roms for SAMSUNG OMNIA II in the recent two years.You can take look at them here
And now our team is cooking their first ROM for SAMSUNG GَALAXY S3

MS Team flavour
The theme is not originally created by MS team.Files are gathered from various themes such as JB Domination , Alexander , raubkatze's mods and etc ... .

So all credits about this theme go to them.

MS Team blackbean flavour
Nice black and white theme .

Designed by MS Team member "alvin551".

Jelly Bean Domination flavour
Designed by Vertumus.

The true AOSP style

For more information you can refer to the original thread >here<

Stock flavour:
Original Galaxy S3 Stock theme made by Samsung .

It comes with stcok bootanimation.



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