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Friday, 14 December 2012

  A huge return to form of the COD series, Black Ops 2 has taken the 'Great' that was left behind by Modern Warfare 2 to 'Amazing'. On the surface, same game engine and all, it seems like another Modern Warfare 3 case (admit it, MW3 sucked), but what made the game so enjoyable was not the game engine, but rather the little changes that they made to the game itself.All will be explained in detail below.

  There's nothing to be impressed about the graphics, but they look good. Although there are some little mistakes here and there, I believe they will be fixed soon. Then again,the graphics to me never really mattered, because i was hooked onto their Campaign. Yes. the Campaign has been amazingly improved. Its no longer like, 'you gotta do this', 'you have to do that', because BLOPS 2 has given players the opportunity to choose their own storyline, albeit there are some restrictions. Nevertheless, it is a huge change to the Call Of Duty series, the first to be exact. The ability to NOT kill a target and instead keep him for interrogating is a nice tactic. 
 The storyline is beautifully crafted, jumping from the 1960's all the way to 2025,which is the present date in the game with the antagonist, Raul Menendez, being intertwined in all the time zones.He is really evil towards the American government, but for a reason. After delving into the campaign, I really could not tell whether i should sympathize or kill him, because at times I cant find the heart to kill him, for he has a rather tragic story, and one you would truthfully enjoy.The plot is amazingly woven. with betrayals and backstabs at every corner that keeps you second guessing whether or not you made the right decisions.
 The characters up for use in this game are Alex Mason, Frank Woods and David Mason, son of Alex, which is more or less the main character in this game. Again, I said 'more or less' as the Campaign, in truth revolves around Raul Menendez more than any other character. All the 3 playable characters are connected to Menendez in their own way, and at the end they intertwine in some sense. Any decisions you make in the Campaign can either benefit you, or bring you harm. Treyarch has sucessfully created a Campaign where its not just any story, but a story which is created by the gamer through their hunches and decisions throughout the game based on how they feel and acting on that feeling, just like in real life.
  The Campaign has also gotten a more Multiplayer feeling to it, with players being made able to actually choose their weapons before the mission starts, but with restrictions (unable to use modern weapons in 1960's era etc.).
 Multiplayer for BLOPS 2 has seen a nice innovation, with the Pick 10 system being implemented. Basically, Pick 10 system is where you can swap the weapons that you never use for others items, such as other weapons,perks, etc. This has reinvented the rather stagnant multiplayer feel of COD which consisted of a primary wep, a secondary wep, one grenade and 3 perks to a much more fun style of Multiplayer COD has never seen before. You can, for example, throw away all your guns and take 3 throwing knives and a lot of perks, just for the fun of it and being really annoying. I mean, imagine a player with the Cold-Blooded perk plus other perks that render you nearly invisible. Wouldn't that make you really annoying, run around and knifing people? You want to throw away your knives and perks for 2 primary weapons? Be my guest. You want to use the original loadout? Be my guest. Pick 10 is just so flexible and fun, and it just brings a whole new meaning of Multiplayer to the COD series.
  One of the best things that beginners can expect from this game is that there are finally bots(AI) available in Multiplayer(YAY!). from level 1-10, it is advisable for beginners to try out the bots matches and really get a good feel of the game before heading out for original PVP and not getting steamrolled in the process.the bots are highly intergrated, ranging from amateur bots that are easily owned to expert bots, which sometimes are not too bad. Treyarch has done a good job with the intergration of the bots system, and it really provides the beginners with a level playing field against players who have been playing this game for a long time.
  There have been some new gamemodes introduced other than the classic TDM,CTF,S&D. There's Hardpoint mode, which sorta reminds me of King Of The Hill(KOTH) mode from Team Fortress 2, where you capture a point and hold it until a certain score is reached. It feels somewhat copied from other games, but that has not stopped me from enjoying it.

 Ah, Zombie mode. Treyarch has made this bigger and better than all of their other counterparts, with Tranzit mode being added, alongside Grief mode. These two gameplays are really fun and from time to time funny, with in Grief mode, two teams fight against one another to see which team last the longest. You cant directly hurt the other team, but there are some things you can do to kill them off, for example throwing meat at them so that the zombies are more attracted to them, etc.

 Verdict:a HUGE innovation from Treyarch. Having to take big strides and making bold plus risky moves really do pay off. Do buy this game.


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