[Kernel][Xperia S]Xperia SSpeed kernel v6 released|1899MHz, smooth and fast[03/09]

Saturday, 8 September 2012

I present to you
KA Xperia SSpeed kernel v6
03/09: Xperia SSpeed kernel v6 released

Dear Xperia S users,

This kernel is based on Sony's ICS stock kernel sources. I'll continue to add more features to the kernel in the future 

This kernel is specially made for my rom: KA Xperia SSpeed. Maybe it will work on MIUI, but it should work on stock roms 

I hope you enjoy my kernel 

== features ==
- All featuers of ICS Advanced stock kernel (pre-rooted, recovery, init.d support etc)
- Added lot of things for better performance
- Extra governers: Pegasusq, Hotplug
- Extra I/O schedulars: vr
- Voltage Control (undevolting is possible)
- 1.89GHz OC

== download == Xperia SSpeed kernel v6 ==
- 1.89GHz cwm flashable: KA Xperia SSpeed kernel XDA Fileserver

- 1.5GHz cwm flashable: KA Xperia SSpeed kernel XDA Fileserver

I kindly ask everyone not to mirror my download links. Thank you

== Important information ==
- Overclocking is a risk, be aware it can harm your device if you do things wrong. But don't worry, every freq below 1.7 Ghz won't harm your device 
If you install a new kernel let it settle for a few hours first before overclocking to high speeds 

== credits ==
- Arakmar for ramdisk and all his work on advanced stock kernel
- Doomlord for his work on Xperia 2012 kernels
- Sony for kernel sources
- And everyone who helped Doomlord realizing his work 

== Installation instructions == 
Important! Only for unlocked bootloader
1) Flash the kernel in recovery:
2) Enjoy it!! 
I am not responsible for damage to your device, use at own risk!


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