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Friday, 31 August 2012

CyanogenMod for LG MSM7x27 Devices (P500, P505, P506, and P509)

CyanogenMod 10 is here for the LG Optimus One Family!!
Optimus One is in the works 

Discussion Thread for non-development chatting: Discussion Thread
Report all bugs HERE AND ONLY HERE: Google Code Project

What works:
  • Camera
  • Video
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • 3G
  • Display (obviously  )
  • All accelometers
  • Google Apps
  • Most Project Butter related enhancements
  • All native apps
  • All Audio
  • Airplane Mode

What doesn't work (yet as of 8/5)
  • Google Now
  • Screen on/off animation
  • Anything needing the Adreno Libs
  • Probably a lot of little things I haven't noticed yet

What kinda works (yet as of 8/5)
  • Holo lockscreen animation (lags a bit or doesn't show at all)
  • Lots of graphics related things lag

I need a new screenshot for the P505. The one I currently have is old and I was not the one who built it, but have since taken over P505 building as well.





The links here is the latest build. For previous builds look below.
Latest Builds:
LG Optimus One (P500): August 25: RC1/Build 4
LG Phoenix (P505): August 25: RC1/Build 4
LG Thrive (P506): August 25: RC1/Build 4
LG Optimus T (P509): August 25: RC1/Build 4

Previous Builds:
LG Optimus One (P500): LG Phoenix (P505): LG Thrive (P506):
Extra Downloads:
Build 4/RC1:
Fixed camera
Fixed video
Fixed battery drain
Fixed minor issues
Minor changes here and there
Anything added to CM from August 8
Made a few changes for speed
Made changes for responsiveness


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