Review: 8" Inch Teclast P85 RK3066 Dual-Core Tablet

Friday, 24 August 2012

In the tablet PC market, the dual-core tablets are even more fiery, the face of this development trend, performance can be said that it is "very calm" and so far only introduced two dual-core products. Both products use a metal shell, the main chip Rockchip RK3066, the difference lies in a 9.7 inch IPS screen, and another 8 inch high score screen. Today to say is a 8 inch high score screen Teclast P85 dual-core models will be able to see that it is a new product developed on the basis of previous model P85 As for the specific performance.

The unit directly follows the mold of Earlier models P85, the front block of the touch screen, surrounded by a circle of white plastic side, the typical black and white. Touch screen and around the mosaic is relatively close, the gap is very small.
Back compared to the silver metal material, frosted, and feel very comfortable in the hand. And surface treatment is also relatively light, compared to the plastic case, to more grades. For the consideration of the wireless network signal, WiFi module at switch to a special plastic material, in order to better acceptance of the WiFi signal visible Taipower intimate. The speaker is located on the corner, with the metal dust filter.
The left side of the screen with a camera, but the imaging effect of 0.3 mega pixels
The physical keys of the flat products than less, but relatively speaking, are concentrated to one side, which makes the other side there are no design. P85 dual-core several keys on the top of the body rely on the position of the right, left and bottom.
The top three white keys, near the right side of the operation is very convenient. Keys, respectively, to cater to the power key, Home key and back key, menu key, back key, menu key, volume control buttons.
The product interface is relatively small, both ranked in the right side of the fuselage, Micro USB interface and TF card slot, 3.5mm standard headphone jack Mini HDMI video output interface, and MIC recording hole. The Micro USB interface to cater to the charging port.
RESET hole set in the back of the fuselage near the interface
P85 dual-core back shell with tilt design, so that from the side it body thin, and in fact the whole thickness of the control is also quite good, measured probably about 11.1mm.
P85 dual-core is 8 inch 1024 × 768 resolution screen, the ordinary TN material performance in the viewing angle is a bit disappointing, in addition to the previous perspective can also be outside the other three directionsdistortion. However, due to relatively high resolution, the screen shows the effect is quite delicate, better than the 9.7 inch screen, and the color is quite rich, but the backlight brightness a bit low.
And the majority of flat products, P85 for dual-core interface has not been embellished for the native system interface.
The UI interface is very simple, preset programs are also small, but the user can own according to their preferences add programs and plug-ins to create their own personalized interface. Smooth operation, P85 dual-core performance is very good, each interface of the switch is very smooth, very smooth sliding phenomenon Caton little program to open the speed is also faster.
Can learn by looking at the product system information, the aircraft is currently system for Android 4.0.4, kernel version 3.0.8
Teclast P85 Tablet has good performance on actual use, stability, fluency, web applications, video and game support, and can also heat control. Say deficiencies in the fact that some of the details and optimization, if you can get rid of these problems, I believe that user experience will be further enhanced.

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