Review : $49 Cubieboard is an Allwinner A10 developer board (mini PC)

Friday, 31 August 2012

The Cubieboard is a tiny computer board with an Allwinner A10 ARM-CortexA8 processor, Mali 400 graphics, 1GB of RAM, and 2 SD card slots for storage.
It will be available soon for $49, making it one of the cheapest Alwinner A10-based computers around. That’s partly because this is a developer board rather than a full-fledged PC. It doesn’t include any storage. There’s no case, and you’ll need to plug in USB dongles if you want to add WiFi or Bluetooth support.
Still, for $49, the Cubieboard is a pretty versatile little device. It has 2 USB host ports, 1 USB OTG port, an IR sensor, and an Ethernet port.
There’s an HDMI output for connecting a monitor or TV.
The Cubieboard also has 96 expansion pins including lvds, SATA, and more — although you’ll have to solder the connections yourself.
Like the MK802 and most other devices with Allwinner A10 processors, the Cubieboard should be able to support Android 2.3, Android 4.0, or a range of Linux-based operating systems including Ubuntu and Fedora.
The Allwinner A10 isn’t exactly a speed demon, but it can handle 1080p HD video playback of H.264 and MP4 files, and it handles basic web browsing, gaming, and other tasks about as well as a 2-year old smartphone.


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