News : Samsung details how it came around the Galaxy S III "inspired by nature" design in a new video

Friday, 24 August 2012

If you have been wondering why exactly that rounded, curvaceous shape, and those water droplet sounds and wavy feel when you touch the lockscreen, Samsung explains it for you in its newest video.

Apparently the designers wanted using the Samsung Galaxy S III to feel like a "walk in the forest", with all the natural sounds around you, like the chirping message notification, and so on. They wanted to represent a wild boar attack when you try to change the launcher, but this got canned in the last minute.
Samsung details how it came around the Galaxy S III

We kid, but the "marble white" or "pebble blue" in the color description stems directly from one of the designers' observation of pebbles lying in a creek, with the water flowing over them. Overflowing city pools, light reflections off of multiple layer coatings and the impression of pouring various liquids have all come into play when designing the phone to look and feel organic.

Whether you can call a polycarbonate material "inspired by nature" is an altogether different story, but things still have to be light, durable and signal-allowing, so using it on the huge 4.8" phone makes sense.

source: SamsungTomorrow


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