[ROM]Haipai Noble i9220 5.2 inch MTK6575 Android 4.0 Firmware

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

*UPDATE 1*: Here is my 4Shared folder: Haipai I9220 MTK6575 which is including: vold.fstab, Mtk6575 USB Driver, latest flashing tool and the firmware as well as a root file FOR HAIPAI I9220 ONLY. Hope this help  

How to root: All credits to Bthoven and download links are brought to you by zBeYuz %sAp

1.Please download root file from the link above.e0D
2.Go to setting-developer options-click USB debugging
3.Connect the%2pphone with computer,turn on usb device.
4.Click the file you download from the link TPSparkyRoot.bat
5.Your phone will restart first time,after the phone start finish(until you see the unlock),click enter in the window of TPSparkyRoot.bat.
6.The phone will restart second time,still the same as first time we did.Then start third time,same as we did in last two times.Click enter,then phone was rooted.
7.You will see two more app was installed in your phone,that mean root phone successfully.

After successfully rooted, it will install rootexplorer.apk Chinese version which is rather useless for installing Market because it's all in Chinese. Thus, you need to download this "ES File Explorer" in order to put Go/gle Pla9 into system folder.

Here is how to install Google Play Store:

0. Download "Vending-3.5.19 MOD - noupdate.norestrictions-aligned" from the same mediafire folder abo6e. 
1. Change the name to Phonesky.apk.
2. Copy Phonesky.apk to \system\app\ folder in your phone by using ES File Explorer in root explorer mode with system file mounted.
3. Change permission of Phonesky.apkkfile to Read/Write for Owner; Read for others (rw-r--r--)
4. Shutdown your phone.
5. Switch on your phone, you will see Google Play Store app, and Enjoy!

*UPDATE 2*: Here is a custom firmware ( most of functions are working and rooted ) , all credits to yiminghung and angelobiz, as usual instruction and%2pfaster links are brought to you by zBeYuz 

0. Before upgrade to this firmware, remember to backup all your apps using My Backup or Titanium Backup so that we can restore those apps later.
1-a. Download firmware + flashing tool + drivers from here: May 7 Firmware With New System.img
1-b Driver For Haipai I9220 Only !!: Drivers
2. Unrar the firmware, turn off your phone and take the out battery, then plug the phone into your PC. 
4. Install the driver from the firmware folder that you unrar before, then plug out the phone.
5. a) Go to Flash tool folder and run SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe
b) Choose Factory Database --> Setup data source file: "MTK_DATABASE.mdb"
c) Choose File --> Open download agent file: "MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin"
d) Choose Scatter File: "MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc.txt" in Firmware folder.
e) Choose the figure same as the picture: SmartPhone MPD.jpg, which can be found in Firmware folder. 
6. Make sure the phone turned off and the battery was taken out. Click Start All and plug your phone into the PC then wait about 5-10 minutes for the flashing process to finish ( Write OK ! ).
7. After it is done, we are good to change the IMEI. However, before that try to turn on the phone to see whether the phone is working or not.
8. If everything is ok, excepted IMEI was missing, download IMEI Changer Tool from here: IMEI Changer For Mtk6575
9. Unrar, install the program and run SN_STATION, which can be found on your desktop. Follow the instruction in the Chinese manual, but we only need to follow the picture in that manual.
The file "Modem Database" and "AP Database" is in firmware folder. You need to choose exactly the file that you see in the picture. 
10. Write down two IMEIs on the back of your phone ( you need to take the battery out to see it ).
11. Again turn off your phone and take the battery out, then plug the phone into your PC, but this time we need to put the battery back in very quickly as soon as we see:
"COM port searching and preloader handshake ok" on SN Writer Log.
11. Wait until "Write Result Indicator" becomes green, then the IMEI has changed successfully.

OR you can try to change your IMEIs by using ZOPO IMEI ( Thanks to colouriste )

2. Check "Dual Imei" 
3. Type in original IMEI #'s 1 & 2 and then
4. Click "Write" 

Enjoy the new firmware with GPS working, wifi improved, front camera working, beautiful font and more...

Additional updates for custom firmware above ( All credits to yiminghung ):

The correct flash process as the below:
1) Flash the custom recovery image with flash-tool
2) Boot into the recovery
3) 3 wipe data first !
4) Install the zip from sdcard -> Taiwan101_Haipai-i9220_V.01.zip
5) Install the zip from sdcard -> Haipai-i9220_data2.5G.zip
6) Reboot phone.

1. Haipai i9220 Custom Recovery Image ( In Chinese ):

New ! Haipai i9220 Custom Recovery Image + Fixes ( In English ): ( Thanks Resquer for his works & the download link)

1-1) How to flash custom recovery image ? ( Many thanks to bthoven )
a. (on your Windows PC) Run the flash_tool.exe inside the Recovery folder
b. (on your Windows PC) File/Open scatter file: MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc.txt
c. (on your Windows PC) press "Download" button on the Flash_Tool menu
d. connect your phone, without battery, to your PC with usb cable (MTK6575 vcom%r0driver should already be installed)
e. (on your Windows PC) it should start flashing the recovery into your phone, until completed
f. Unplug your phone

1-2) How do you know it works ?
a. e28on your phone) insert the batter9 back
b. (on your phone) press Volume up + Power buttons until you see the Robot rocket
c. (on your phone) You should see Recovery Menu in Chinese.

1-3) Here a online translate of custom recovery: ( Thanks to angelobiz )

2. Taiwan101_Haipai-i9220_V.01 ROM (AGPS issue fixed): <Basically it is same as the firmware May 7 above but%r0the link is 4shared link> 

3. Haipai i9220 Data to 2.5gb ( UPDATED ! )
? What is it ? 2.5gb data means never again out of storage for apps. You lose "internal sdcard". Only useful if you have hardware sdcard

*UPDATE 3* : ( Quote from angelobiz. Thanks a lot for your hard work, An'elo. You are rock !!! )

"Now we have all we need for make a firmware without bug!!!

Thanks to Johnny Hung from Tawain for fix network location and Google Apps
Thanks to Resquer from Russia%2pfor English Recovery
Thanks to Chinese man that make a script for root
Thanks to me from Italy for collect all this information 
Thanks to all that i no remember from World ( by XDA and Iphone.ru)
a very example of International Co/peration...
If our governments do the same ... the world would be better! 

Now we can go to make A VERY PERFORMANT FIRMWARE.

Google Apps
Network Location 
2gb of ram for data
Custom Recovery CWM in English
Full Stock Firmw!re (boot, preloader, modem etc etc...)
Change Imei

After i find a script for remove ads form app: It is working!!! youkneed replace with original file.

i have installed it with custom recovery... but no there is any apps to use it...only when you play music, you have difference... but i dont like play music so i dont know if make a difference.... you try it!!

All my file is here
Angelobiz's folder

Only 1 bug have our phone.. but i thinks that it is a hardware bug, so we cannot solve with upgrade a firmware: 
Wireless signal isn't very high"

*UPDATE 4* : ( Quote from angelobiz. Thanks a lot for your hard work )
"New rom by AngeloBiz, based on kernel of 5 june.

WARNING: you made it with own risk! i don't want responsable of any damage.

if somethings don't work  you can restore your phone with stock firmware 

Make a backup of your data or apps with Titanium Backup or same apps. The flash erase all your data, and the nandroid backup don't work if it is of previous kernel ( in my phone don't work anymore 3G, after restore of data nandroid backup of 14may kernel)


Kernel 05 June
Root Enabled
Change logo battery, now with %
change host file, no ADS .-)
rename com.google.anrdoid.features.vendor.xml
change logo.bin, bootlogo and bootanimation (no brands)
add some sounds
add some usefull apps
no chinese apps
Repartition Fix (you will have: Internal memory 2gb, SD1 external sd, SD2 512mb)
Backup and restore work%rC only with thos version of kernel
What you need:
Stock Firmware of 5 June
Angelobiz v.2.0 Update.zip 
Sp Flashtool
Usb cable


Download stock firmware of 5 june
You must flash all firmware!!!
you see this guide
Start your phone
copy the update.zip in your sd card.
Go in the recovery mode:
with phone off, you hold volume- and power together.
go to "install zip from sdcard"
go to "choose zip from sdca2d"
choose right update.zip
wait...... wait....
reboot your phone"

If you are stuck at Booting Screen, please try those tips below ( For UPDATE 4 Only ): by zBeYuz  

1. Did you forget to extract your system.zip in firmware stock 05 June folder ? 
I just found out earlier that I totally forgot about it . 
Just extract that file you will get system.bin then delete system.zip and start to flash the firmware normally. ( Booting up will take about 3-5 minutes after it is done ). 
If the phone is still stuck please consider the next step...

2. One more thing to take note, I am using different flash tool from angelobiz:

You can refer how to flash with this flash tool here:

0. Driver must be installed: http://www.4shared.com/rar/9onOaDl5/Driver_New.html? ( Please refer to UPDATE 2 for more details ) 

1. Download Only Flash Tool: http://www.4shared.com/rar/v8txho3k/Flashing_Tool.html? 

2. a) Go to Flash tool folder and run SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe
b) Choose Factory Database --> Setup data source file: "MTK_DATABASE.mdb"
c) Choose File --> Open download agent file: "MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin"
d) Choose Scatter File: "MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc.txt" in Firmware folder.
e) Choose the figure same as the picture (Setting f/r SmartPhone MPD.jpg), which can be found in Firmware folder. 

3. Make sure the phone turned off and the battery was taken out. Plug the phone into the PC and wait about 5-10 minutes for the flashing process to finish ( When you see it becomes green and states that "Write OK" ).

*UPDATE 5* : ( Quote from angelobiz )

Angelobiz 3.2 without re-partition fix based on kernel 19 june.

Angelobiz 3.2

19 June Firmware

Thanks to Johnny !!!!

New Custom Recovery for 19 june firmware


Now data restore from nandroid backup Work !!!!

You can flash 2.5gb re-partition fix now !! It hasn't bug now !!!

Change Log:

After you can choose re-partition fix that you want ( Please download from the same folder above ).
New launcher and new icons
Root Inside
Host updated for no ads
Beats Audio inside for better sound
News useful apps
Minor bugfix
Change battery icon


1)ADB driver
you must have debug usb active in your phone.
this driver need for use adb command example for root script or use MTP function.
normally work universal driver of google
this is driver for windows 7 32bit... i dont know if it work for other SO
these are driver for flashing firmware of your phone... in few words, the virtual usb serial port.
only the first time that you plug usb cable to your phone without battery, you will have a window for install new drive.
so you choose the right driver and install it manually.
After install you will never see they in your pc, because they are active only for few seconds when you plug the phone withou battery.
only is there is active a program for flas phone that "catture" the function of USB VCOM, you see they.
this is driver for windows 7 32bit... i dont know if it work for other SO
if yu dont' have this 2 drivers installed you will can have a "broom" error


if you have 19 June Firmware with CWM:
copy update.zip on your SD , start in CWM recovery, and launch Update.zip
If you have 4 or 5 June firmware with CWM
copy update.zip on your SD , start in CWM recovery, and launch Update.zip
you must test if all work  you will have a 19 june firmware.
if you have a older firmware you must flash all firmware of 19 june and
copy update.zip on your SD , start in CWM recovery, and launch Update.zip

Tips + Tricks:

1. Thanks mikeysteele: "One thing I noticed after installing SetCPU is the kernel defaults to the Performance Governor. This means the CPU is always running at the maximum frequency so that might explain the poor battery life. I changed it to the On Demand governor and my battery life has improved."

2-a. Thanks angelobiz: For remove old, hidden driver you can see this: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/504/h...-and-services/

2-b. Thanks caviar44: This is a tool to remove old drivers: USBDeview v2.11. Just right click on driver instance and then choose "uninstall selected devices".

3. Moborobo - The Android Smartphone PC Manager ( You can use it to install apps, make a backup, blah blah  ) : Moborobo

4. For people who want to have better wifi signal please refer to those picture as it show how to make some changes to the phone antenna. Antenna


  1. My Phone is a Haipai I9220 with MTK6577 processor. Can i use your file to try your rom, because with original rom, i have problem with GPS. I must make a YGPS test (in Enginner mode) before use Maps Navigation

    Thanks You.


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