News MeeGo isn’t dead yet: Jolla plans to launch smartphone with MeeGo software

Monday, 9 July 2012

Nokia may not be making smartphones with MeeGo Linux anymore, but a new company is hoping to keep the open source, Linux-based mobile software platform alive. Jolla plans introduce a new smartphone running MeeGo-based software later this year.
Nokia N9 with MeeGo
Nokia N9 with MeeGo
MeeGo was formed when the Moblin netbook operating system and Maemo smartphone OS merged a few years ago. Nokia was the primary backer of the project, but Nokia pretty much dropped the platform after releasing the Nokia N9 smartphone. Instead, the Finnish company is now partnering with Microsoft to release devices running Windows Phone software.
Jolla isn’t just a group of enthusiasts hoping to keep MeeGo alive though. The Jolla team includes folks that worked on the Nokia N9, including former directors of the project.
MeeGo isn’t under active development anymore, with much of the action now focused on the the Tizen Linux operating system, which emphasizes web-based technologies. But there is an open source continuation of the MeeGo project called Mer, and Jolla’s new phone will include software based on both MeeGo and Mer. It will Jolla’s own custom user interface.
Jolla is based in Finland, and has been working on its new phone since late 2011.


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