CineXPlayer for iPad adds split-screen mode (web surf while watching videos)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

CineXPlayer was one of the first media players for iOS to support Xvid and other file formats that the default iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch video apps can’t handle. These days media players for iOS are a dime a dozen, but CineXPlayer has added a few new features to help justify its $3.99 price tag.
The first is a new multiscreen mode that lets you use half of your iPad’s screen to watch a video and the other half to surf the web at the same time.
The split-screen view only works in portrait orientation, but I can’t really imagine why you’d want to use it in landscape mode anyway.
This is sort of like a feature Samsung is rolling out with its software for theSamsung Galaxy S III smartphone that lets you keep a small video window on top of other apps so you can keep watching while performing other activities. But the CineXPlayer solution looks a lot better since it keeps the web browser and video player in separate portions of the screen so that neither is ever on top of the other.
Another new feature in CineXPlayer 2.8 include an IMDB button that allows you to look up information about the movie you’re watching in a pop-up window.
CineXPlayer 2.8 also lets you transfer movies over WiFi, view or share movies over a WiFi network, or load movies using a web browser over WiFi. There’s also a new shuffle playback mode which could come in handy if you’re playing music videos, a video downloader for grabbing movies from the web, and a screenshot feature that lets you save pictures from a movie to your camera roll.
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