[Review][Tablet]10-inch SuperPad tablet PC based on Tegra3 four-core will be released

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Most of SuperPad tablet PCs from Shenzhen are entry level tablet PCs. But there are still some high-end tablet PCs.

Shenzhen Trust Time will release the 10-inch SuperPad tablet PC based on Tegra3 four-core.
Nvdia chip is so powerful but difficult to develop. Trust Time has released the 10-inch knock off Xoom based on Tegra2 dual-core. Tegra3 has the same appearance, 10.1-inch capacitive screen with 1280×800 resolution, 1G memory, 32G storage, front facing camera, rear facing camera, Bluetooth, GPS, HDMI, 3G card slot, SIM card slot and Android4.0.3 OS.
Tegra3 based on four-core is the first mobile processor  in the world, TSM 40nm process, highest frequency of single core is 1.5GHz, highest frequency of four core is 1.4GHz, computing ability is 13800MIPS which is three times the Tegra2.
The representative products are Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 and LG Optimus 4X HD.
Based on four-core, the speed of tablet PC is next to PC. Portable tablet with excellent experience will be more and more popular.
The appearance looks like Xoom.
Front facing camera, rear facing camera, Mini USB, Micro HDMI, TF card slot, SIM card slot, Bluetooth and GPS
32G Nandflash from SanDisk and 128Mx8(1G) from HYUNDAI
Four memory chips are on the frontage and four memory chips are on the back.
The back
The 4-PLUS-1 architecture not only provides powerful performance but also can achieve long battery life.
The CPU will start four chips for some tasks which need high performance. For some easy tasks and standby mode, the power saving core will start to work.


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