[NEWS]Angry Birds Space Trojan Uses GingerBreak

Friday, 13 April 2012

The stellar success of Angry Birds has catapulted Rovio from a small time software developer to a household name all across the globe. With the latest addition to the Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Space, Rovio has produced yet another runaway hit. Some crafty hackers, though, are looking to take advantage of your love for Angry Birds with a new Trojan that uses the GingerBreak exploit. An Android Trojan discovered this morning by Sophos Security is making its way onto smartphones across the world, posing as Angry Birds Space.

The malicious software, identified as Andr/KongFu-L, is an altered, but fully functional version of the official game by Rovio. The app, when launched, uses the GingerBreak exploit that we're all very familiar with here at Rootz. The Trojan roots vulnerable devices and installs some malicious code that makes your device part of a botnet. It then swipes information, allows your device to launch URL's, and download further code from remote servers.

According to the security report, the Google Play Store version is safe, as is the Amazon App Store's. However, several third-party app stores have been infiltrated. Sophos declines to say exactly which ones, though. Any device that's vulnerable to GingerBreak could potentially be at risk, and that's a great many of them. This is of particular concern to the rooting community, as we commonly download apps from a number of sources outside the Play Store. Just be sure that you're getting your apps from trusted sources, and not through file-sharing services like 4-Shared or just any random website.
source rootzwiki


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