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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dear Arc/Arc S users,

I made a github page today, if you find any bugs or issues please report them there. github bug reporting

== Working HD games KA08 and above == Tested on Neo ==
Tested and working:
- 9MM HD
- Asphalt 5
- Asphalt 6 HD
- BackStab HD
- GT Racing HD
- Real Football 2011 HD
- Shrek Karting HD
- Dead Space
- Reckless Racing 2
- Modern Combat 3 (Slow mission loading)
- World of Goo
- Let's Golf 1 

2nd post 

==for high speed download from hotfile==
To download the files from hotfile as a premium user:
- Go to www.tomtest.net and register
- Use the multi cookie generator on-line if there are cookies available
- Use cookie manager in Firefox or chrome
- add the new cookie you just generated
- Ready to download at high speed 

- Pre-rooted
- Swipe to remove notification
- Based on ICS Beta release from Sony
- Facebook Inside Xperia
- Timescape
- Bravia Engine, xLoud, Beats Audio
- Wifi Direct
- reboot option in power menu
- SystemUI with widgets
- Face-unlock feature
- New home.apk
- New music, digital clock and analog clock widget
- New default themes
- Some Bloatware Removed
- Stripped of some useless SE apps
- Lightly themed
- Customized Statusbar Icons with ICS icons
- Very battery friendly
- All Gapps updated {Included ones}
- Lott more..

== download == KA08 ==
Highly recommended to Supercharge my rom! Installation instructions are here
Hotfile: KA08 Ice Cream Sony Hotfile Link
Mediafire: KA08 ICe Cream Sony Mediafire link
Arc S build.prop: KA08 Arc S build.prop Arc S users: Flash rom, flash Arc S build.prop and then reboot. PC should say Arc S now 

== download == Addons ==
On screen button enabler, menu button on home screen is positioned a bit high, this is only with stock launcher
KA08 On screen button enabler v3: KA08 On screen button enabler v3
KA08 Battery % mod: KA08 Battery % mod
Geniewidget: GenieWidget
Deodex patch: Attachment

== download == Kernel ==
Kernel: ICS beta kernel with CWM
== Screenshots SystemUI, Xperia S Themed ==

new SystemUI with widgets, ready for KA07 
I themed the widgets to the style of the on-off tools wiget from Xperia S with the nice blue


==Battery Life==


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