[NEWS][TABLET][CHINA]Tablet chips competition analysis in 2012

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Based on high cost performance, Allwinner A10 has good sales after the Spring Festival. The chips with high cost performance are welcome.
AMLogic based on A9 core is a high-end chip, which is introduced by SONY and Philips.
RockChip chips became cheaper and cheaper since Allwinner released A10.
As the first chip of Allwinner, A10 is released with cheap price, which makes it has good sales. Allwinner is a famous company in MP3 times so that Allwinner has a strong customer base.
In addition, A10 has few bugs since it is released. The performance of other chips is not stable in the beginning, such as RK2808 and VIA8505.
The agents who have ordered VIA chips go to order Allwinner A10. VIA will release VIA8850 next month which is based on A9 core. The performance is not different from A10. It means that it does not have any advantage.
VIA8850 will be cheaper than Allwinner A10. Allwinner will release A13 to compete with VIA8850 so that VIA will get in a difficult position.

MTK will release MTK6575 which is the upgraded version of MTK6573, based on dual-core, 1GHz frequency and A9 core. The chip with excellent call function is mainly introduced by smart phone. It is also suitable for tablet PCs.

AMLogic will release AMLogic M6 and RockChip will release RK30XX. They are all dual-core chips.
At present, there are few new products in the market, but many new products will be released in May.


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