News : Nitdroid N9 status (Android for N9)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

NitDroid forum is following the progress of getting Android onto the Nokia N9. Above you can see the ICS icons. Not working but critical seems to have been crossed off.
“What is working:
  • - dualboot kernel (without reflashing), ability to choose OS after power on.
  • - 3D drivers, OpenGL
  • - hwrotation (portrait mode only, accelerometer HAL doesn’t work)
  • - touchscreen (multitouch)
  • - hw buttons (volume, power)
  • - USB networking
  • - lcd off in sleep mode
  • - alarm driver, RTC
Important, but not critical:
- USB ADB driver
- lights HAL
- battery status
- charging (BME; also R&D is required due to missing watchdog “pingers”)
- any connectivity (3G, wifi, bluetooth)
- audio (headphones, earpiece, loudspeaker), jack switch
- video decoding (HW or SW)
- camera
- GPS. GlonASS also ;D
- sensors (accelerometer, compass etc).
- vibra
- a lot of other things
Source: nitdroid


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