[MOD] [PORT] Beats Audio available on any rooted Android running Gingerbread

Thursday, 1 March 2012

 Beats Audio for all Gingerbread Roms

Beats Audio for all Gingerbread Roms

If you like this mod please press thanks  Credits to RockoDev!!

Firstly, if you think theres is no improvement don´t spam in this thread - go to original Beats Audio provider and talk to them. I think at some ponts beats audio is only a audio marketing strategie.

I´m sure you heard of the great Beats Audio improvement software on android. It was only reserved for a small number of devices, but now our Galaxy Slc is also included to this small circle. This is a Beats Audio Port and should work for all Gingerbread Roms. The sounds will be more natural, playing with more clarity. Thanks to willblake13 for my base where I could start with 

Feel the difference:

Galaxy Slc without Beats Audio (the more red the better)

Galaxy Slc with Beats Audio (of course same song)

You can hear the best improvement with high quality headphones! And with original Beats Audio one ^^ (But of course also with lower cost ones )

Download and Info:

If you´re using ganeshbiyer´s Samsung audio improve, you can install Beats Audio without doing anything. They will not interfere with each other.

Download the attached .zip file, flash it through CWM and thats it. There is no application needed
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