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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hi Guys,

I Have managed to Port the ROM by zdzihu to Our Beloved Xperia Ray...Thanks to him for the Awesome ROM.. 
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Hi guys,

Here's the first release of the ROM I've been working on for some time now. This ROM is based on SEMC framework for compatibility (data connection etc), but introduces fully debranded system. ICELite is designed to be fast, lightweight and stable ROM ready for everyday's use. As usual, this is a BETA release, and I'm not responsible for any herp in case of derp or durr.

ICELite beta1

This ROM is a pure AOSP experience without any bloatware. If you need Timescape/Whateverscape, please use the SEMC ICS beta ROM. I am not taking any feature requests - this is going to be barebone Android 4.0.3 without any addons. If you need battery mod/wallpaper/xyz support - please click here

- Wifi Direct app
- latest Trebuchet launcher
- 0%-battery friendly
- HDMI + FM Radio
- gapps base included (you may download all necessary Google App from the market)

- I haven't had enough time to port AOSP incall screen, so I included my custom one (thanks SEMC)

- setting animation scale to 0.5x (or even disable if you don't need eyecandy) improves overall speed/smoothness a lot

Whats Different from Arc Port?
1) Sony Default Camera Included to have both AOSP and SE 
2) ICS Bootanimation with Sound included
3) Removed Terminal Emulator and WifiDirect
3) Face Lock Working and Video Call on Gtalk Working..

*Camera Shutter Sound not working
*LED light cant be used as Torch..
Will release a Fix patch for it (later)


Please Follow these STEPS otherwise you wont be able to Boot the ROM.

1) Download the ROM and save on SDCard.

2) Turn off Phone and Enter into Fastboot Mode( Attach USB to PC while keeping Volume UP Pressed)

3) Flash the Kernel boot1.img. (It has Built-in Recovery)

4) Turn on Phone, Enter Recovery and Flash the ROM. (This Rom wont Boot if you use Recovery from your present Rom to Flash it.. You have to flash the Rom with Recovery in boot1.img)

5) Turn off Phone by Pulling out battery as Recovery doesn't have Power off Option

6) Enter Fastboot Mode again and Flash boot2.img. (This Kernel Doesn't include Recovery. Its Stock ICS Ray Kernel(untouched)

7) Reboot...

Please Read Instructions before downloading these

1) ROM
2) boot1.img
3) boot2.img
Special Addon 

Galaxy Nexus OnScreen HW Keys(Thanks to kormatoes for this one) 
See Screenshot Below

For Removing On Screen Keys Flash THIS..
Camera Led Fix Attached: Flash in Recovery


Attached Files
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File Type: imgboot2.img - [Click for QR Code] (4.42 MB, 49 views)
File Type: zipCamera_LED_Fix.zip - [Click for QR Code] (135.1 KB, 12 views


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