[Review]:The knock off iPhone4S from Shenzhen

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Today I will introduce a knock off iPhone4S tablet. The appearance is same with iPhone4S and the weight is 114g, only a little lighter than iPhone4S.
The resolution is same with iPhone4S, 960×640. The knock off iPhone4S loads Android OS and it is based on 7227-T HTC Touch chip.
Other configurations: 512M memory, 8G storage, front facing camera, rear facing camera, supports WCDMA 3G.
The appearance and the package are same with iPhone4S.
The accessories
iPhone4S appearance and iOS UI
This part is different from iPhone4S.
The metallic border
The home button and 30Pin port
The front facing camera supports video chat.
The back is same with iPhone4S
This SIM card slot is more convenient.
Android OS also supports Siri assistant.
The built-in Vlingo voice assistant supports many kinds of voice control.


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