[Review]Experience the OS of the knock off iPhone4S

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

We have introduced a knock off iPhone4S, which is similar with the genuine one. The Android UI is designed by reference to the iOS. With powerful OS and configurations, the smart phone is so excellent.
Configurations: Qualcomm 7227-T solution, 3G, 512M memory, 8G storage, Bluetooth, GPS, front facing camera, rear facing camera, 1: 1 screen, high call quality and stable performance./
Could you find any difference from the appearance?
The left one is the genuine iPhone4S and the right one is the knock off iPhone4S. They are introduced the same screen. But the genuine iPhone4S shows warm color and the knock off one shows cold color.
The menus are same.
The folder function and the delete function are same.
The dialing interfaces are same.
The short message interfaces
The knock off one supports calendar.
The settings interfaces have same style.
Listen to music
The knock off iPhone4S is introduced hidden menu function.
Here are some pictures about the customized Android OS.
The search interface and the main menu
The folders and the delete function are same with iPhone4S.
The call function
The short message and calendar
Effect of the pictures
The weather forecast and memorandum
The stock share and email
The compass and voice memo recorder
The music player
The settings
So many functions are same with iPhone4S.
The Android Market
The iReader and Vlingo assistant
The GPS function
Not only the appearance but also the functions are same with iPhone4S.


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