RAM Manager Pro V2.1.1 (2.1.1) Android Apk App

Sunday, 5 February 2012

RAM Manager Pro v2.1.1 (2.1.1) Android Apk App:
RAM Manager Pro 2.1.1 Needs Android 2.1 and higher devices.

Hosts: Mediafire.com
Summary:: This application was made for making RAM of all android phone to the best optimization. We tested and we're still testing the best RAM balance which makes your system as fast as possible.
File Name: Ram_Manager_Pro_2.1.1-www.bestapk.info.apk
File Size: 64.38KB

This application improves perfomance of your phone in all directions. Switching between applications is very fast, your system will be smoothness as never before. You can fully use your multitasking and you still have as much memory as you need.

This application is the best solution for all who have problem with free memory, with multitasking, with slow swapping between applications or with slow speed of your phone. But I recommend to use this application all who want have better phone, because this application increase speed of your phone and other parameters which depend on RAM as much as never before.

- Balance - Option which makes your RAM to the best optimization, this option is for everyday using when you use your phone for the most functions and you want have fast phone without lags.
- Balance (with more free memory) - This option is on the same base as balance, but this option should be advantageous for users who have less RAM than 512 MB. This option makes your RAM to the best optimization with more free memory but with a bit less multitasking.
- Balance (with more multitasking) - This option is on the same base as balance, but this option should be advantageous for users who have more RAM than 512 MB. This option gives you more multitasking.
- Hard Gaming - Option which stabilizes your RAM for playing the hardest games. Use this option for games which lags on your phone. Your games will be smoothness and without lags.
- Hard Multitasking - Option for users which are really hard working on their phones. You can have a lot of running apps with fast switching between them and without lags.
- Default (Samsung) - Default settings by Samsung, this settings also use phones as LG, HTC, etc.
- Default (Nexus S) - Default settings which use all Google phone.
- Default settings of your phone - This option reverts your RAM to your default settings, which you had before you install this app.
- All Balance options include additional option "Non-killable launcher".
- Chosen option is automatically set on each reboot.
- You can easily switch between all options without rebooting.

- All Android devices which have RAM 64+ (and more)MB

What's in this version:
- Fixed charging limit, it only works on some kernels



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