[MOD][mini pro/mini/live]Xperia UXP NXT new UI features [UPDATE 1][28.02.2012]

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Some impressive mode working for XPERIA MINI PRO,MINI and Live With Walkman (HVGA)

Tested on sk17i [work in mini pro/mini/live]
For stock ROM; You didn't need to have unlocked bootloader, or edit the kernel!
Install via Clock Work Mod Recovery (quick and easy way)


New orginal home launcher
-New widget for music player
-Xperia S calendar app 
-Animated 3D globe live wallpaper
-New clock for homescreen
-Animated photo widget
-New widget with shortcuts
-Animated weather widget
-CLEAR BASS for the player
-Timescape widgets 
-New Themes
-new calculator
-new settings
-new TrackID 
-Xperia ICS bootanimation
-lockscreen slider
-updated status bar
-changed many icons
-Updated favorite widget people


Updating includes:
-Virtual keyboard 

Thanks to FlamEmo

Originally Posted by jollebolle666
i managed to get most widgets to work in "old" nozomi launcher with dock..

-not favourite people, its cropped
-not timescape

the way to go: 
1.install new launcher and put the widgets you want in it.
2.install old launcher with dock thru fileexplorer, change permissions like the other apps in system/app
3.done! , see image


  1. Great work came at a perfect time for me, html5 music playerwould be really cool if we could at least get an option to enable the HTML5 mode player in the next Subsonic release. Not only would it bypass the need for flash, but it also has some extra features (wav playback, etc).It seems the biggest issue would be with flv video, but by transcoding to mp4 instead of flv, that could be solved. Even without the video fix, making it optional would allow those of us the mainly use Subsonic for music to benefit from the new player.

  2. can this rom installed on x8/w8??? with stock kernel...

  3. can be installed on x8/w8... with stock kernel...

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