[ROM][OPTIMUS 2X][Port] MIUI 1.12.30 Stock w/ Trinity Kernel (1/1/2012)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

This is a direct port of the MIUI build for the Optimus 2x to the T-Mobile G2x. I have ported this myself and will do so every week as long as it meets my standards.
T-Mobile LG G2x Receives MIUI Port
*All features of Official MIUI
*Wi-Fi Calling (Yes it works!)
*Zipalign and Permission scrips by Team Kang
*Trinity Kernel by morfic

The Zipalign and Permission scrips zipalign and repair the permissions to /system/app, /system/framework, and /data/app on every boot.

There are two options for this ROM: MIUI ELP and MIUI T15.
*MIUI ELP has the ELPmax Trinity kernel, for best battery life
*MIUI T15 has the T15max Trinity kernel, for most overclock
*For both I sugest having SetCPU to regulate the CPU.

The theme issue has been patched. But if it still giving you trouble just flash the zip file attached to fix it.

MIUI 1.12.30 ELP >>Download<<
MD5sum: 17D9D22B10DBEEF088DEDDAD39D623CB

MIUI 1.12.30 T15 >>Download<<

MD5sum: 347815502D2E21E0E6D57F66A56558CE


*Boot into CWM Recovery
*Do a Factory Reset
*Wipe Dalvik
*Format /system (under mounts and storage)
*Install ROM from sdcard

Any comments or suggestions just post below and I will do my best!

HUGE Thanks to:
Team Kang
The CM Team


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