ChainPang v1.0.0 (1.0.0) Android Apk Game

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

ChainPang 1.0.0 For Android 2.2 and higher Devices.


Summary: A new breed of action-puzzle game, ChainPang!
Size: Almost 15 Mb

ChainPang is a game where the block-shaped monsters are arrayed by exchanging positions with nearby monsters of the same kind in groups of three or more.
Once the monsters are grouped into three or more members, they are chained by a magic spell and when this chain is tapped, you can collect points. You can accumulate more points by elongating the chain of the same species before popping (Pang) them.

< < < Story > > >
You have to protect mini witch Ruru’s kitchen from the evil monsters that are bothering her. Ruru is not a proficient magician yet and cannot toss out the monsters by herself. If you put three or more monsters in a row, Ruru can tie them together with her chain spell. Don’t miss this chance and kick them out!

Download: ChainPang v1.0.0


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