[ROM][X10] DiXperia4_'Suppressor' 01/01/2012 {HAPPY NEW YEAR! 4/4 VERSIONS OUT!}

Saturday, 31 December 2011



Want more? Check this out:


info about ROM, versions of it and relase dates

ROM will be in 4 versions: 
-Gaming eXtreme

If you played with DiXperia3 you remember "create yourself" with addons and much more fun to install what you like and what you need. Right now something changed. Every version will come with some stuff and improvements (Gaming versions much more of course, beacuse of compatiblity with apps - not every script can work brilliant with all apps so Full version lose few boosts :P). The relased dates are:

Full - 24th of December 2011 (my testers already have it but you know - I don't have X10 so they need some time to look if everything is all right in final version )
Normal - start of 2012 - possibly few first days 
Gaming - Don't know how work will go but January in 100%
Gaming eXtreme - and here is some problems - I'm trying to applicate here a lot of script/tweaks stuff and have problems with it. This version will come when I end this, and will be possibly based on other things than last 3 versions. We will see, hope everything will go like I want .

What you need to run this ROM in full options?:

- FTF file with baseband .71 and the newest Kernel (can be download via Wolfbreaks' topic).
- Of course my ROM.
- FlashTool for flashing .ftf file.
- ROM with xRecovery to flash via this .zip file with system .

What my ROM can offer? (DiXperia4):

-All awesome things, which was in all DiXperia ROMs
-Much darker than stock - I like it a lot 
-Some widgets and notification/dock bar are transparent
-Stuff from 2.3.4 (and more)
-Performance, performance, performance
-Xperia Play certificate
-Free RAM is very good, but depends of version 
-And more, more, more, test it yourself and report back if you find some bugDownload:

FTF File with Baseband & Kernel from 2.3.3:

Full Version:

Normal Version:

Gaming Version:

Gaming eXtreme Version:
1) Zip file - unzip on PC and you will get few addons for Gaming Extreme: CLICK
2) Fix for force close on screen options and sound options inside settings (for Gaming and Gaming Extreme version): CLICK
3) Fixed Market, sorry but forget to add it and this is alone file, not it addons file: CLICK 

Suggestions and Bugs:

1) If you have problem with xRecovery after flash ROM (xR dissapear and you can't open it) just do simply way - include it via FlashTool after flashing.
2) Portait and Landscape mode - one is dark blue (background) and when you rotate it you will see your wallpaper - it's not the bug - it's normal.
3)Large/Big widget of Photos and Videos is buged - I suggest you to not use it - it always lags a little and now it's fc when you add - suggestion is: add little/small widget of this.

Tell me more - I will try to make fix or just tell you how to beat it . Cheers.


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