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Friday, 23 December 2011

 As i showed a sneak preview before at link below : checkout the looks of it

The MTK tablet with Dual- card double question :: phone/tablet?

 review ::
Tablet PC in a large number of domestic scuffle salient features can be found in the product is running out, has been surging in the field of mobile phone MTK naturally introduced a Tablet PC solution, MTK flat compared to other products carry a feature-rich traditions that integrates all current that can use the service, and communication play in their own long, dual card dual standby, the first 3G video call feature alone can be described in terms of functional diversity of the Tablet PC in the synthesizer, Here to analyze the MTK flat compared with other competitive advantages, the prototype was Benwang letter provides, this site had previously reported in detail. Configuration: The MTK6573 processor, 512M memory, 800 * 480 7-inch capacitive screen, Android2.3 system, 4000mAh battery, built-in 3G module, dual card dual standby, dual camera with front and rear lights up, support 3g video calls, video calls, Internet, feature-rich, WiFi hotspots, gravity sensor, Bluetooth communications, analog TV, FM FM. This panel is used MTK6573 MTK chip, integrated Power GSX 531 graphics processor, in terms of performance and not only from a very special place, but MTK program widely used in mobile phones, in-system debugging has a very strong strength, from use of results, MTK flat in relatively good performance on the basis of the application, with 512M of RAM running Android2.3 system is quite smooth, in fairly good entry-level products. And the current flat A8, A9 storm, dual-core, quad-core upgrade of the gimmick is not the same, MTK's biggest advantage is feature-rich, as performance can be enough, many of the features do not need so high hardware configuration.

A: feature-rich, multi-function features of the program is MTK point already made clear, after entering the era of intelligent, MTK is also advancing with the times, support for 3G video calls, dual card dual standby, Bluetooth communications, GPS navigation, WiFi hot spots , mobile TV, FM radio and many other useful features, with the Android system can achieve a very good experience.

II: low price
No matter at what time, prices are an invaluable asset, when MTK mobile phone with this powerful weapon is invincible, and now much lower flat MTK6573 program in the thousand or so expensive, even more than this price is even lower entry-level Androdi phone, In the function is comparable, competitive considerable.

Three: excellent communication

This is one of communication is the biggest advantage of MTK flat after flat in 3G communication done more good in the high-pass program, in addition to Marvel, etc., domestic chip multi-born MP experience in communications platforms such as the relative less, most of the calling features are quite simple, MTK flat in this area do the same on the phone point.

The following highlights MTK flat network and call functions.

Dual card dual standby switch easily, put a new SIM card in the system there will be new tips.
You can set different default card function.
Network fully functional.
Supports WCDMA, backward compatible with GSM networks.

Integrated social networking portal, built-in happy network, all network interfaces.
As 3G routing.

Dial interface, click the button to switch to 3G video call mode.

Call records.
SMS records.

Device status.

Close the Bluetooth transmission.

Finally, mention about the built-in mobile TV capabilities, the network directly without watching, you can record programs, video capture, etc. Contact: Shenzhen
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