Since of late, model Samsung Galaxy SII increasingly selling products like hot cakes in the market. It may be due to the specifications of the phone is attractive and forms a relatively thin. This smart phone has won the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2011 and Smartphone 2011 Award. Therefore, in this article, I want to give some tips and reviews to readers out there if preferred to get this model.So what you need to know before buying this smart phone model?
There are some users will find it strange when the total internal capacity is reduced, not as simple as that of 16GB/32GB. Do not worry, this is because there are system files and applications that have been added to your phone so that it decreases. I saw in my phone, data storage capacity has decreased by 4GB and 12GB, and only for filling the application files and other media. Galaxy S2 has 1GB of RAM, but you may see the display RAM is not up to 1GB. This is because there is the amount of RAM is taken to use GPU (Graphic Processing Unit).
Version G and non-G
The difference results from the benchmark results. It can be seen, the CPU version less than version I9100 I9100G
This is often overlooked when buyers buy this model. Why? Many did not know that in Malaysia, this model has two versions of the I9100 and I9100 G version. Apparently the Samsung does not tell the public that there are two versions of this model. There is a difference between the two versions of this SII Galaxy model
Exynox 4210 1.2Ghz dual core.
Easily overheating.
Poor battery life. (Fixed with Android 2.3.5)
Fully run at 1.2 GHz CPU.
So far no apps / games compatibility issue reported.
Better 3D performance.
Anti-aliasing (4xAA and 16xAA) support with Chainfire3D Pro.
Lots of custom firmware, kernel, Modification, Tweaks.
Normal text font in Papago
Perform better and less lag while browsing the Internet and score better When opening apps / multi-tasking.
TI OMAP4430 dual core 1.2Ghz.
Easily Does not overheating.
Better battery life.
Capped at 1008 MHz CPU.
Might have more apps / games developed for compatibility issue.Some games like Asphalt GT-I9100 6 can not be launch on it.
Poorer 3D performance.
Not supported.
Not much custom firmware / Modification.
Very small fonts size in Papago
Might feel lag When opening up too many apps compare to GT-I9100 model.

The difference between the two versions of Samsung Galaxy SII
Models display differences when you boot (before entering the display of the user interaction)
My advice: It's up to you, many recommend the version of the I9100 for a more robust specification. However, if you are just a normal user, not the kind who like to tweak (overclock, Custom mode ROM / firmware) and the hardcore gamer, then G version is adequate for the performance drop is not felt for ordinary users. Performance is still strong. It should be noted, now is a bit difficult to get non-G version for the average shop now sells only version of G.
Standard warranty is given to a consumer if you buy the original set is for 1 year. But! If you're lucky, some stores have become Sep (Samsung Elite Partner) and is likely to offer a warranty for 2 years. More worthwhile, right? : D
Actually, the seller will register via e-warranty warranty for you and you will get an SMS stating your phone warranty has been registered and the duration of your warranty. You can also check your warranty period <space> IMEI by typing your PC and send to 62002.
What can be seen, the price is also more down every day due to Samsung and other manufacturers will launch new smart phone models such as the Galaxy Note, Nexus and others. What I see when I survey a number of places and also at the forum site, this model can be purchased by you with the price of the set of RM15XX AP (Product Approval) while RM16XX for Original Samsung sets. (November 8, 2011)
My advice: If the original price difference with the AP set only RM100-RM200, more worthwhile buy if you buy a set of Original AP set, chances are you will have problems in the event of damage to your phone and want to send to the shop for repair processes. Many cases have been reported by users after buy the AP set.