First GTA V trailer now available to watch

Thursday, 3 November 2011

On Tuesday of last week Rockstar surprised everyone by putting a teaser image up for the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series. The teaser revealed nothing more than the logo for GTA V, but also promised a first trailer today, November 2nd.
I’ve been watching the countdown timer willing it to reach zero faster, and finally it has happened. At midday Rockstar pushed the button and gave us all an opportunity to see what the next GTA game will look like.
The story is set around a guy moving to Los Angeles, known in GTA as Vinewood, in a bid to retire. Lluckily for GTA fans, that clearly doesn’t happen as intended otherwise this would be one boring game. You also have to wonder what talk of retiring means for the series though, surely Rockstar wouldn’t end it after this title?
As you may spot from watching the video, there seems to be a big contrast between the rich and poor that will surely play a big part in the game and has to be a reflection of our current real-world economy. The narrator talks of buying a big house, we see a nicely kept golf course, some mountain trekking, beaches, and the prerequisite fast cars. This is a guy who wants to be like other dads, showing his kids a good childhood. But then we see the otherside of the coin. A robbery in progress, houses going up for sale, people living on the street, and the prostitutes. Is this going to be the story of a man who went into retirement with everything he wanted, but then got left with nothing and is staging a criminal comeback? That’s certainly what this video suggests.
Even from this 1m 24s video it’s clear to see the game looks great. Now the only question that remains is how long do we have to wait to play it?
Rockstar has been good enough to allow the trailer to be embedded so we have included it below.
More at Rockstar Games


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