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Monday, 24 October 2011

Recently i had swap my low end phone (feature phone) for Android Powered Phone
For an entry level android powered smartphone x)
[yes i do also own powerful android devices as my gaming and top performing devices]

Question: Why do you want an entry level smartphone?

(General): Because everybody could afford to buy a Samsung Corby 2 or A Mix Walkman Phone will cost the same with the entry level of phone nowdays.For the most affordable solution is the Huawei U8150

Question: What Is HUAWEI? I never know anything about it and can it work?

Answer  :Yes is a Huawei Ideos Device and it brand is from china but it is the world 2nd biggest telecomunication providerr.Huawei product been tested and yet is one among who can enter worldwide market with even T-Mobile Had it as T-MOBILE COMET(U8150)

Question: Well how it perform and how it compare with the higher devices?

Answer  : Well it is power up by Qualcomm Processor Clocked at 600mhz at stock and it run
smoothly on normal usage including some normal gaming,apps,web surfing,music and video playback .Yes to compare up with higher end devices such as my Xperia.It will surpase it totally in all aspect and is wrong to compare with it.Actually i had compare before with Samsung Galaxy Mini and well i am fortunate to test one of my friend Mini.Yes it look bigger but it still feel and perform almost same :)

Question: Why to me is the best choice ?

Answer : Well infact i had this choice when i getting some low budget upgrade for a phone but i would wanted an Android powered phone which cost less then RM400 or $129.I found a deal which cost me less then that for an Android Powered Phone and i bought one.Well it can't actually perform as those higher performance devices.For this price we had no arguement more.I basicly want a phone which i can bring it for outdoor activity and on the go usage which i can surf the net at hotspot and listen to music or video playback with capibility of playing android games and apps from android market.Well this is the choice.

Question : So what is the pros and cons ?

  • Affordable 
  • Perform well in this par of price
  • Smart D-PAD 
  • Loud Speaker
  • Android 2.2 
  • Have all the conectivity x)
  • Wifi Hotspot Tehtering up to 8 Devices
  • Smart Call and End button
  • 4 Capacitive Button
  • QVGA Screen 
  • Camera Having Noise (Can be fix with apps such as camera360 or lgcamera)
  • Stock Android 2.2 doesn't perform so well ( can install custom tested faster xP)
  • 2.8inch screen(but solve with some tweak by huawei)
To Round Up,People today can have a phone powered with android less then $129 or RM400 for full functioning features phone with android capability :) I would like to recommend running custom rom with performance overclock that will make great improvement on performance during tasking or gaming as well with battery life saving during idle


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