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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Due to previous post some of my friend are confuse on it cause is too complicated
This time i am going to simplify it ^^
everyone out there who wants to get a phone for themself always consider in few aspect :

  • The looks
  • The Price
  • Features
  • Battery Life
Well this time i am going to talk about the phone i craze few day ago :
                                      HUAWEI IDEOS U8150

  • The Look : Just like ordinary 
  • The Price  :Reasonably cheap and affordable 
  • Features    :Well is an Android Devices with Wifi,3.2mp and other connectivity
  • Battery life:Well it can resistant continuous use for 8 hour 
This phone is actually for someone who want to try out android devices 
For new smartphone user,teenager who want a smartphone or even anyone who want
a better phone then any feature phone there that will cost almost the same

So What About This Phone Actually >?
It is actually an entry level of android device for people that need a smartphone for texting,email and web surfing needs.It actually a HTC Wildfire replacement indeed.It has the almost identical specs and it does all the job the same and with the great move by Huawei using Android 2.2 Froyo that has all android features enable
It resolution limit up it apps compatibility but never the less many apps nowdays support QVGA devices
Take a example the X10 Mini which has even smaller size 2.55inches only but run well too 
While gaming are not that possible without tweaking it because the low frequency of the processor as well the screen also

What Is My Suggested Tweaks?
The Screen : Nothing much can be tweaked actually but i suggested to install the Active Launcher that make 
                     the phone more easy to use
The Keyboard: The Touchpal From Xperia or HTC-IME Mod for those who doesn't require chinese

Other's option :Rooting and Unlocking it with flashing custom kernel that can enable overclock the    processor up to 748mhz and Installing Chainfire3D Pro with plugin to enable better gameplay as well installing some custom apps that could make the Ideos easy and faster to use 


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